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Residential Lawn Care in Raleigh

Get your weekend’s back and leave all of your lawn maintenance to JustGreen Lawn & Landscaping. Every visit we make, we take care of all of the mowing, edging and blowing so you don’t have to. Come home from work with a lawn that has been cared for and maintained by our experienced staff.

There’s nothing worse than coming home one day with a dead spot on your lawn or a shrub that just isn’t going to make it. Leave the health of your plants and grass to JustGreen so you don’t have to try and Google around to figure out what’s wrong with them (not to mention all of the time you spend going back and forth to Home Depot).

Your bed doesn’t make itself and neither do your flower beds! Someone’s got to take care of them before Mother Nature takes over. Leave all of the bed maintenance to the experts at JustGreen Lawn & Landscaping!

Let’s face it, there’s about 1000 different things that can kill your grass and plants. Whether it’s a disease or an insect there are a lot of things that can take your lawn down overnight or things that slowly happen and before you know it, your lawn is the ugly one on the block. Don’t let that happen! JustGreen can control all of the disease and insects to keep your lawn just green!

There’s nothing worse than spending a weekend in the hot July sun pruning and weeding your beds, trees, shrubs and gardens. JustGreen has all of the tools and expertise to handle it for you much quicker so you don’t have to waste a weekend pulling weeds and pruning shrubs!

Either go to the rental department at Home Depot, lug the aerator back to your home and then hope you’re doing it right OR call us to handle your aeration and over seeding to ensure your lawn is ready to rock. Let us handle it so you don’t have to worry!

Your beds are looking a little sad. Especially after your neighbors just got fresh mulch put down and their beds all jazzed up for the year. So what do you do? Head to Home Depot, buy 13 bags of much (that has to be enough, right?) only to find out you need 4 more. But, they are about to close so you have to wait until tomorrow. Or, call JustGreen and not have to worry about a thing!

It seems to go from summer to winter many years in North Carolina. And when that happens, your lawn went from nice and clean to covered in leaves. Why spend all day with the rake when you JustGreen can handle the job professionally and make your lawn look as if not a leaf had fallen?

Now, it doesn’t snow very often in North Carolina but we all know that when it does the world according to Raleigh ends. Stay inside and enjoy watching WRAL and ABC 11 drive around looking at the snow while JustGreen clears your driveway and walkways.

No job too big, no job too small for your home. Improve the curb appeal of your biggest investment!

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