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Below outlines what the install process looks like for all enhancement projects

Soil Preparation

Good soil is a key component of healthy plants and a beautiful landscape. First, we will till all planting bed areas to a depth of 4-6”.  Secondly, we will add soil amendments to create the very best environment for your plants. Third, we will then till in the amendments thoroughly with the existing soil.  The soil is raked and contoured to promote positive water flow either away for the home or out of the bed area. During this process, we will remove any debris that may hinder plant growth.

Bed Definition

We will establish a vertical trench 3-4’ in depth to neatly separate the lawn or concrete from the bedding area. Our process of establishing bed lines will give your landscape a manicured and professional look that you will be proud of.

Plant materials

Selection of the plants for your project began years ago as we gained experience planting and caring for a wide variety of shrubs, trees and flowers. We continue to experiment with new plant selections that we believe have promise and exceptional qualities. We work with growers in the area that provide the very best, high quality and most durable plants for your landscape. The designer and the owner also hand picks each plant, shrub or tree for your project to ensure its quality.

Pest Management

We inspect all plants prior to purchase. If any plant shows signs of pest problems, we will treat immediately. Our goal is to use top quality plants in our designs that have few potential pest problems. We only purchase our plants from nurseries which are licensed and pass inspections by the NC Dept of Agriculture. In addition, our staff is licensed by the state of NC to provide pest control services on turfgrass and ornamental plants.


Once plants are delivered to your site, the designer and owner will once again review every plant and double-check the inventory. Plants will be moved to the correct bedding areas so that the landscape designer can begin plant placement. We encourage you to be home during that time so that you can look at the placement of all the plants prior to installation. Once complete, the Landscape Technicians will install all plant material according to their specification. We will then re-check the placement of all plants in case any minor adjustments are needed before the mulch and/or pine straw is installed.

Weed Control

An effective weed control program begins during the installation process. We will apply a pre-emergent herbicide to all bedding areas after we install the new plant material. We also rake out noxious weeds or roots prior to planting. A Weed Control program consists of hand weeding, spot treating with Round-up and an application of selective herbicides when problem weeds persist. Your bed areas should remain weed free for 30 days after planting. The efforts you put into weed control the first season after your new beds have been established will impact your bed maintenance for years to come. Unfortunately, there will always be some weeds present in a fertile growing environment. Our intention is to always minimize weeds with  no injury to shrubs, ground covers or trees.

Mulch & Pine Straw

Mulch and/or Long-Needle Pine Straw are the choice for ornamental shrub beds and natural areas in North Carolina. They benefit shrub beds by helping to retain moisture, control weeds, prevent erosion, protect from temperature extremes and to improve the appearance of bedding areas. We recommend that mulch or pine straw be replenished at a minimum one time per year. A second application during the year to freshen the color is recommended.


All concrete surfaces, patios, decks and parking areas will be blown clean of debris from the landscape process. This process may include washing of concrete surfaces that are soiled during the construction. We will also rake all footprints out of the mulch areas to leave a very clean, meticulous look. It is our goal to leave the property in a better condition than when we arrived.

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