These 3 Commercial Landscaping Trends Will Transform Your Business

When it comes to your commercial property, curb appeal is everything. That’s why it’s so important to embrace new commercial landscaping trends—especially in a city as green as Raleigh! So, if you’ve been thinking about improving your business’s outward appearance, we’re here to help. Whether you own a retail store or a multi-family housing complex, these trends will attract more people to your doors.

In fact, here are three of the biggest commercial landscaping trends in Raleigh! Not only will these trends improve your property’s appearance, they have additional environmental and structural benefits that will improve your day-to-day operations.

Let’s dive right in!

Conserve Water with Effective Irrigation

An up-close image of a blue and green sprinkler system set amidst a blurry out-of-focus background of flowers.

In a climate as warm as North Carolina’s, it can be tempting to douse your lawn with lots of water. However, due to the size of commercial properties, it’s easy to over water or to waste valuable water as a result of poorly planned irrigation.

Before you jump into the aesthetics of your landscaping, make sure your lawn is structurally sound and environmentally friendly! Consult with a landscaping professional to add in energy-efficient features like drip irrigation that focuses on the plants’ roots and rainwater sensors that ensure you’re not watering when you don’t have to.

Additionally, have a landscaping professional do routine checks of your irrigation system to make sure it’s performing properly throughout the year! This will save you time and money in the long run.

Implement Unique and Eye-Catching Designs

It never hurts to venture outside of the box with your landscaping! Attractive and innovative landscaping designs can have new customers lining up to visit your business.

That’s why we’re seeing many new and exciting design trends in landscaping—both in Raleigh and across the country. Consider installing a winding walkway to your front entrance or planting an array of brightly colored flowers like marigolds, zinnias and petunias (bonus: these low-maintenance plants love Raleigh’s mild climate!).

Create Vibrant and Productive Outdoor Working Spaces

An outdoor bench surrounded by trees and foliage.

This ties into placemaking, an extremely popular trend in commercial landscaping right now! Placemaking is all about turning a space into a place where people want to gather and spend time. Think comfortable seating and sculptures surrounding a fountain.

Additionally, thanks to North Carolina’s extremely mild climate, many workers are longing to bring their laptops outside to soak up the sunshine while getting their work done. If you own an office building, consider adding a space outdoors that encourages productivity. Sitting spaces and lounge areas, or even picnic benches and tables, create the perfect spot to get some work done in the sun.

Take Your Commercial Landscaping to the Next Level

Ready to transform your outdoor space? Then it’s time to give us a call at Just Green Lawncare. Our team has everything you need to create a stunning and jaw-dropping outdoor space for your business.

Based on your ideas, we’ll come up with a landscaping plan to achieve all of your goals and plans. Allow Just Green to be your go-to landscaping solution in Raleigh, NC.