5 Ways to Get Your Lawn in Tip Top Shape for Spring and Summer

Close up image of green grass in the sunlight.

Spring has sprung in Raleigh, which means it’s time to start thinking about your lawn care plan! If you want your lawn to look green, verdant, and lush for the coming months, you’ll want to begin your Raleigh lawn care regimen as soon as possible.

Not sure where to begin? We can help you with that. Here at JustGreen Lawn & Landscaping we have the tools, the resources, and the expertise to help with your lawn care in Raleigh, and make sure your yard looks its best for spring and summer.

Let’s get started with five tips for a beautiful Raleigh lawn.

Tip 1: clear out & clean up

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Take a walk around your yard and pick up any stray branches, twigs, and anything else that doesn’t belong there. Break out your rake to collect any dead leaves or grass. If you compost, you can add some of these materials to your bin—just make sure to properly dispose of any weeds.

Doing this first will help prepare your lawn for proper treatment!

Tip 2: Kill Some Weeds

If your Raleigh lawn is full of weeds, treat it with a fertilizer that kills common southern weeds like dollarweed and clover. Have a problem with fire ants on your lawn? Opt for a fertilizer that treats weeds and fire ants!

A quick note about pesticides: while you should treat weeds like dollarweed and clover in early spring, wait until the beginning of summer to treat dandelions. In early spring, bees rely on dandelions to regain their strength! Over-treating them with pesticides may have a negative impact on Raleigh’s bee population.

Tip 3: Break Out Your Mower

A lawn mower with a blue hood and grass-stained wheels.

Make sure your lawn mower is properly tuned up, has sharpened blades, and has been thoroughly cleaned! If your mower is cold after a long winter, warm it up before its first use by letting it sit out in the sun for a few hours.

During the spring season, you’ll want to mow your lawn on the highest possible setting. Do this once every five days to ensure your grass is looking its best, as this allows the roots to properly reproduce—resulting in a lush lawn.

Once summer hits, you can go back to mowing once a week.

Tip 4: Aerate Your Soil

You know how cold weather can dry out your skin? It has the same effect on your lawn! Months of cold weather has taken a number on your soil, leaving it hard and compacted.

Nutrients won’t be able to penetrate your soil if it’s in this state, which is why proper aeration for lawn care in Raleigh is so important.
Aeration can be tricky if you’re going it alone, which is why we always recommend calling a professional to handle it for you.

Tip 5: Edge Beds & Apply Mulch

A row of bright pink tulips in a neatly trimmed flower bed.

Doing this early is key. You can use a sharp spade to create a small trench around your flower beds to keep the weeds out. Throughout late spring and summer, trim these edges to keep your beds looking neat.

Next, pick a good mulch to cover your beds (but not your plants). Not only will this make your lawn more attractive, it prevents further weeds from growing in your flower beds!

Don’t Have Time to Take Care of Your Lawn?

Let us do it for you! When it comes to lawn care in Raleigh, we’re your one-stop shop.

From weeding and pruning to insect control and proper aeration, JustGreen is here to make your lawn happy and your life easier this spring. Give us a call to get started!