Too HOT to handle? How to reduce lawn stress in the summer | Lawn care in Raleigh, North Carolina

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While summer is a time of rest and relaxation for us, it can be an extremely stressful time for your lawn. That’s because your lawn gets the brunt of the hotter weather conditions, and it can’t retreat to an air conditioned interior to beat the heat.

While intense heat, foot traffic, and improper watering techniques can cause your lawn stress, it’s easy enough to treat. We’re going to tell you exactly how to de-stress your lawn, but first let’s learn a little more about how to tell when your lawn is suffering during the summer.

What is Lawn Stress?

One of the first signs of lawn stress is discolored grass. Have you ever seen yellow or brown patches on a “crispy” lawn during the summer? That’s a big tip off that the lawn is seriously stressed out.

As summer progresses and the lawn stress intensifies, you’ll begin to notice additional symptoms like the blades of grass curling up and turning brown. Unfortunately, when a lawn suffers from stress, it becomes harder for the grass to absorb nutrients and minerals.

How Do I De-Stress My Lawn?

Luckily, there are a number of ways to get your lawn back to feeling 100% after dealing with some lawn stress. The trick is a correct balance of watering your lawn, mowing it regularly, and leaving it alone.

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Avoid Soil Compaction

First, try to eliminate foot traffic on your lawn. This leads to soil compaction, which makes it harder for oxygen to reach the roots of your grass. If your lawn becomes too compacted, you’ll have to aerate it to allow the roots to breathe.

Water Regularly

You should aim to water your lawn frequently and deeply. However, you have to strike the right balance of water, otherwise your lawn is at risk for developing fungus underneath its top layer.

We recommend providing your lawn with about an inch of water a week. You can also water it with a third of an inch of water every other day. Be sure to water it in the morning before the temperature rises too much. If you try to water your lawn in the afternoon, you’re wasting water because it evaporates so quickly in the hot sun.

Go Easy on the Fertilizer

If you’re worried about lawn stress, you might be tempted to use extra fertilizer to make sure your lawn has enough nutrients. However, this method isn’t actually going to help.

In fact, lighter fertilizer applications will have the biggest impact on a stressed out lawn.

Keep Your Grass Long

Mow your lawn regularly, but be sure to set the blade to about four inches. The longer your grass is, the deeper the roots can go. Deeper roots encourage your grass to compete with weeds for nutrients and minerals. The result is stronger and healthier grass.

In addition, make sure you’re mowing your lawn at appropriate times. We recommend mowing in the morning or when the sun is setting. Be sure the blade on your lawnmower is sharp—sharper blades ensure a cleaner cut. Dull blades will leave your grass frayed, making it more susceptible to damage and stress.

Kick Lawn Stress to the Curb and Treat Your Lawn to a Summer of R&R

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